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We offer four methods of paying fees:

1. Cash, in person at our admin desk at the beginning of each session

2. Standing order (speak to a member of the admin team about setting up a standing order)

3. BACS, using the following details:

Account number: 29684234

Sort code: 01 02 66

4. Online, using the drop-down PayPal options at the bottom of this page.

You can pay your fees online by following the links below. Fees are paid on a monthly basis, however the standing order spreads the cost of the 40 weeks we are open over 12 months, so it might seem as if paying by standing order is cheaper, it is the same price as paying by other methods.

All fees for the next month are due by the end of the current month. If fees are paid late, a late payment fee is added. If non-compliance occurs, the student will not be allowed to attend until the fees (including late fees) have been paid. If fees are paid within the first 7 days of the next month, the late fee is £5.00. If the fees have still not been paid after day 7, the late fee increases to £10.00. This fee is per person, not per family. If fees are paid on more than three occasions within a six month period, we would recommend parents set up a standing order. Setting up a standing order is very easy and information can be given by speaking to a member of our admin team before any session commences.

At the beginning of each month those who pay in cash, online or by BACS will be issued a fee envelope which will stipulate the amount to pay for the next month. This information is also available in our newsletter, ‘Centre Page,’ also issued at the beginning of each month.

We would encourage as many parents of our students to pay by standing order as possible. It is the most convenient method of payment not only for us but for parents too. Once it is set up, it rarely needs to be altered! However, we fully appreciate this might not work for every situation.

Enrolment / Re-Enrolment

At the start of the academic year OR when your child starts with us we ask all students to re-enrol for the next 12 months. This incurs an annual enrolment fee of £10.00 which covers students under our insurance policy whilst in our care. Those who pay by standing order can pay this online below. Those who pay in cash, by BACS or online need to add the enrolment fee to the September fees. These figures are published in our July issue of Centre Page every year, but can also be found below by using the drop down boxes.

Please ensure you choose the right centre and the right group for your child so that you don’t end up paying enough / too much!

If a student joins between September – February the enrolment fee is £10.00. If a student joins after March the enrolment fee is £5.00. Enrolment fees are requested in July of each year, ready for September – the new academic year – since we are closed in August for the summer holidays. All students who join CSTA in July will be asked for the full enrolment fee (£10.00).

Paying Fees Online

From the boxes below, please ensure you pick the right box that will be applicable to you/your child from September 2016. So whatever group you/your child will be in from September 2016, choose that box – not the box which applies to the group they are currently in. There are no additional online fees. If you are unsure which group your child is in, if they will be in year 3, year 7 or year 10 from September, they will be moving groups with us.


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