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Classes and other services



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Our weekly sessions are comprised of classes in drama, singing and dance, which are taught in groups according to age.

Across the academic year students  work on at least one musical production as well as taking part in workshops, working towards performance examinations, and developing their skills in engaging lessons. 


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The most visable aspect of CSTA's work is our production of full-scale theatrical performances.

Find out more about our shows here.


Private tuition

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We offer private tuition in speech, drama, singing and dance. Whether you're looking to take a performance exam, preparing for an audition, or wanting  to further your skills in a more focussed way, CSTA are here to help.


Rates start from £12 per session. Contact us directly for more information.



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We partake in many different performance-related events, from providing entertainment at school fairs and in care homes, to attending events such as the Junior Theatre Festival in Birmingham, as well as coach trips to London's West End. We strive to provide our students and their families as amny opportunities as we can.

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