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All students are given the opportunity to take performance-based exams at various points throughout the academic year: 


London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art

LAMDA exams can be taken in many different subjects including:

  • Acting

  • Musical Theatre

  • The Speaking of Verse and Prose

  • Mime

  • Reading for a Performance

  • Devised Performance

Students are highly encouraged to take LAMDA exams: they are a great way to mark achievement and raise their confidence and students who pass exams at Grades 6, 7 and 8 are also awarded UCAS points. LAMDA exam students are coached outside of CSTA time on a one-to-one basis and an additional cost will apply. For more information on LAMDA go to

IDTA Exams

International Dance Teacher’s Association

We offer IDTA Freestyle Dance exams at both of our centres. Freestyle Dance uses popular dance styles and movements. A wide variety of levels are available to take according to the age and ability of the student. We offer IDTA Freestyle exams in various different capacities: solo, pairs, trios and teams. Solo/Pair/Trio exam students are marked individually on their performance and students taking Team exams are given an overall mark. IDTA exams start at around £10.00 and increase as the grades get more advanced. Students learn routines together within class time and students who wish to take the exam will need to attend a specially arranged session when the examiner will attend. For more information on the IDTA go to

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